Shaila Tyler

Shaila Tyler

New York, NY, US

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For over a decade I have studied and labored fluidly in the field of architecture, performing arts, hospitality and travel. I enjoy all of these fields and my ultimate goal is to cultivate the information I gain into the industry of Film & TV, both on camera and in production. Ultimately adopting the job title of 'Factotum'. I've searched through tons of titles that create a solid understanding of who I am through my work, but none really applied to the plethora of various work I've done as a result of my interest in life through art, performance, and design. The factotum is the laborer (either employee or self employed) who sort of does it all. I've taken a liking to this title as it continuously feeds my intellectual curiosity. Overall, I'm non-traditional in my ideas about work while still encompassing a work ethic with strong morals and active doing.




Enologo Inc (DBA Nykkei), New York, NY, US, Creative & Operations Consultant

Created graphic identity including logo and brand image across all printed, web, and social media content, as well as uniform apparel. Booked & negotiated rates for artist installations. Programmed space for fluid daily service operations. Contributed to managing daily operations including dining setup, menu offers as culinary ambassador, and curating vinyl playlist.

Apr 2019 - current

Enologo Inc (DBA Kilo Food & Wine), New York, NY, US, Bar Manager

Manage and Operate high volume evening culinary experiences in collaboration with a boutique team of one sommelier, one bar host and one floor host. Maintain reservations; update menu selection in collaboration with Chef and Somme; record payroll data; manage opening and closing operational tasks; guide and educate guest through wine selections

Oct 2015 - current

Wild Ink by Rhubarb, New York, NY, US, Manager

Collaboratively facilitated opening creative and administrative tasks including: Uniform proposal, sourcing, and ordering; Integrated reservation OS and built matrix pacing formulas; Interviewed and implemented HR onboarding for 120+ employees; Constructed and contributed to cost sheets and product ordering; Created administrative templates for file share usage; Pitched efficient tech solutions for interlacing management communication; Managed employee time / attendance and payroll / scheduling logistics via Paychex; Received shipments and stocked inventory; Maintained and executed employee closing reports (cash handling, sales and revenue reporting).

Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

Tesla Motors, Mount Kisco, NY, US, Delivery Experience Specialists (Logistics)

Executed customer delivery & concierge via TSS scheduling logistics for vehicle home delivery, direct shipments, and location pick up; Contributed to streamlining client relation solutions utilized for processing and archiving customer financial solutions, payment activity, DMV registration, secure document uploading and logging; Prepared and administered vehicle delivery and document signing through the integration of WARP solutions for delivery operations maintaining vehicle tracking, and validation; Implemented product tutorials on vehicle features and operations; Managed vehicle lot logistics via cross functional operation systems, software, apps and department collaboration (sales, service, & delivery); Enforced document uploading ensuring all liability of vehicle purchase/lease/trade was transferred from company to client, and vice versa.

Oct 2018 - Jan 2019

The Skylark, New York, NY, US, Manager

Liaison between owners and clients ensuring fluidity in daily FOH operations, special events, corporate buyouts, and VIP bookings. Engaged with staff and guests with hands on managerial support; Balanced and prioritized daily service logistics consisting of managing reservations, scheduling floor layout, ensuring food and beverage menu updates, constructing closing revenue and analytical reports, and creatively enhancing service ambiance via light and music management requiring constant awareness to detail.

Nov 2012 - Jun 2016

BOFFO, New York, NY, US, Event Director (seasonal)

Coordinated all event logistics for pop up shops, art exhibits, and other creative collaborations through management of front of house operations communicating fluidly with contractors, clients, and vendors; Coordinated delivery schedules; Executed required permit license submissions; and correlated between clients and sponsor vendors.

Sep 2015 - Dec 2015


New York City College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY, US, Bachelors, Architectural Technology

Major courses included: architecture history, design studios, structural analysis & design, sustainability, materials & methods, office management, IBC & NYC building code analysis, graphic design, and 3d rendering.

Aug 2005 - Jun 2009

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