Studio Kremer Architects

Studio Kremer Architects

Louisville, KY


Thomas Nelson High School

A new high school for 1000 students, designed from the start with energy performance in mind. The school was recognized as Designed to Earn the Energy Star as construction started and earned the Energy Star after one year in use with a score of 99 out of 100. Opened in 2012, it remains the high school with the best energy performance in the state of Kentucky. 

Strategies used include compact planning to reduce building envelope / exterior surface area; construction with ICF and high-performing window systems for a tight building envelope; integrated daylighting strategies, with electric lighting and HVAC sized and controlled to make best use of gains achieved through daylighting; and many others. 

Through partnership with the school administration, the design team assisted in development of an identity/brand for the school community, and a culture of leadership and school representation was built around it. Through this it was noted that there was a boost in student performance and participation in school life compared to the same students' performance at their prior school. 

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Status: Built
Location: Bardstown, KY, US