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Bachelor Duplex

The project is a 2200 sq.ft. duplex apartment in downtown New York. Although the unit came with expansive views of Manhattan to the North, West and South, it also presented difficult design challenges.  Typical of postwar high-rises, the apartment had eight foot concrete slab ceilings, small generic bathrooms and a miniscule kitchen. 

The main design goal was to create a series of differentiated spaces, each with its own atmosphere, that added up to a coherent whole.  During the design process we used computer-generated renderings to explore various design possibilities.  The final renderings closely resemble the actual space as constructed.

The principal design element on the lower level (the 19th floor) is a glass and metal conservatory that blends the inside and outside.  To achieve this, the exterior wall of the small kitchen was demolished, opening the kitchen to the conservatory and creating a breakfast room and casual living space.  The kitchen island extends into the conservatory, enlarging the kitchen and creating a comfortable space for entertaining.  Finally, a hot-rolled steel TV wall with a two foot high and eight foot long slot window connects the conservatory with the formal dining room, maximizing the conservatory's abundant natural light and spectacular views.

Other design elements on this floor include a ruby red plush powder room, a dramatic entry hallway composed of a wenge wood wall and floating ceiling and the living room wet bar made of wenge wood and glass. 

On the second floor we focused on the bathrooms, creating a generous master bathroom and updated guest bathroom. We combined the original, small master bathroom with two closets to create the large new room with marble and glass tiles. Frosted glass panels and sliding doors close off the stair landing to create a study area overlooking the stair.  A new stainless and hot rolled steel handrail gives the old stair a new and modern look.  Around the stair walls we located five wallwasher lights that illuminate the pale blue venetian plaster walls.  Hanging over the stair is an Artemedie Nur light with Metamorfosi technology, which provides programmable ambient light in endless color variations.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US