Stephan Graebner

Stephan Graebner

Tirschenreuth, DE


What is a Memorial? - An Architectural Primer

A theoretical work on "Memory and Identity"

In 1966 Aldo Rossi published ″The Architecture of the City“, which had a lasting impact on international architecture and the urban discourse. This theoretical work itself became an inevitable reference figure in the discussions about the relationship between city, architecture, history and memory. Rossi‘s ideas culminated in his winning design project for the ″German Historical Museum“ in Berlin (1988). It became the focus of a controversial debate, but also the mirror of German historical events itself, such as the Second World War and the German reunification. With my individual chapter I investigate in Rossi‘s understanding of the city, and what his project tells about German identity even today.

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Status: School Project
Additional Credits: Oxford Brookes University - 3rd Year
Cities, Cultures and Society
Harriet Harriss - Module Leader
Winter semester 2011/12