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Steinberg Hart

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University of Souther California, Iovine and Young Academy

In 2013, Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young (aka Dr. Dre) wanted to share the secret of their success with incoming undergraduates at USC. With a generous donation and a vision, they inspired a new learning environment at the intersections of art/design, engineering/computer science, and business/venture management.

The Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation is a new Roski School of Art & Design pioneer program located in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center. Steinberg Hart renovated the fourth floor into a series of spaces that promote innovation and creativity, encourage student entrepreneurial spirit, and allow both students and staff to work collaboratively. The project includes a new suite for USC’s Undergraduate Student Affairs suite of offices, conference rooms, a computer lab, lobby and shared amenities, and the “Garage,” a 9,000 SF innovation lab, featuring:

  • high-powered computer docking stations loaded with cutting-edge software used in all areas of design and in the entertainment and audio industries;
  • a “pitch” room for teleconferencing and remote instruction;
  • two fabrication areas with sophisticated 3-D printers and scanners that allow students to print in high-definition plastics and powders;
  • a workshop stocked with hand tools, power tools, electronics, and more;
  • two classrooms with flexible seating ranging from traditional desks and chairs to large beanbags;
  • a kitchenette and lounge for informal socialization and collaboration;
  • an expansive balcony with one of the most dynamic views on campus, overlooking the Tutor Campus Center courtyard.


University of Southern California

14,000 SF

Classroom, Computer Lab, Faculty and Staff Offices, Innovation Lab, Lecture Room, Student Services Offices, Study Areas

Collaborative Student Spaces, Incubator Workdocks, 3D print room, The “pitch” room where students sell their ideas, Collaboration Pod

Architecture, Interior Design

2014 CISCA Construction Excellence Award, Bronze, West Region

Project Delivery Method
Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Additional Credits: Photography by Nico Marques | Photekt