Stanley Schultz

Stanley Schultz

Brooklyn, NY, US


Preschool for Chia

Year: 2012
Team: Mazzanti Arquitectos, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Juan Manuel Gil, Stanley Schultz, Trinidad Guzman

Trindad and myself were the driving force for the design of the preschool with Juan Manuel Gil as Project Manager. Working from the conceptual sketches of Giancarlo Mazzanti, we worked together through the stages of Conceptual Design, Schematic Design and Design Development. Utilizing programs such as Rhino and Revit, my focus was on the complete building modeling, program development, all forms of diagraming, and a focus on roof design.

The idea behind the preschool was to provide our client with a two phase flexible design that would create a new landscape for the site. This was achieved through the lifting and stuffing of the current landscape. An acute attention to interior spatial organization allows for a single classroom to morph into double and triple size rooms with outside elements through the excavation of patio spaces.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bogotá, CO
My Role: Design Architect