Stanley Schultz

Stanley Schultz

Brooklyn, NY, US


Fundacion Universitaria Los Libertadores

Year: 2012
Team: Mazzanti Arquitectos, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Carlos Medellin, Stanley Schultz, Trinidad Guzman, Aldo, Alexandera Arcia, Manuel Gutierrez, Juan Gil

Working with competition lead Carlos Medellin, I provided conceptual design support and produced all digital models as well as co-designed the facade along with Carlos Medellin and Juan Gill. In addition I provided base renders to the rendering team.

The concept behind the university was to offer Cartagena an open flexible campus that provided programming for both students and the public unlike the other campuses in the city which are closed. Formally the boxes were stacked and blown apart to open up for an entrance, provide ventilation, and offer a formally dynamic building to Cartagena. A structural worm winding through the building provides support to the less dense sections of the stack and draws the public up through the building with various collection points for activity.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Cartagena, CO
My Role: Design Architect