Stephanie Susanto

Stephanie Susanto

Brooklyn, NY, US


A Tailored Fit

A TAILORED FIT is a free standing wall located on the south-west wall at education hall. The task is to design a free standing wall unit to better serve NYIT in different aspects. We decided to focus on the following variables: daylight and functionality. Our proposal is to design a wall that integrates both a daylighting aspect and a seating function. The seating, or "RIBS" act as the wall's structure. The daylighting is incorporated through the spacing of the ribs which is optimized to filter the necessary amount of sunlight needed to service the area.

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Status: Built
Location: NYIT Old Westbury Campus
My Role: Designer; Team Leader
Additional Credits: Juan Perez, Mahesh Rana, Maria Gonzalez, Nina Aragona, Tomasz Czarnecki
Professor Farzana Gandhi