Shahrzad Razi

Shahrzad Razi

Los Angeles, CA, US



Light Array is part of Phantasy studio research projects:
Light Array in a kinetic light fixture that can be controlled by an iPhone app. The fixture uses Arduino technology and a Wi-Fi controller to connect the user directly to the fixture. There are two different modes to the light:

First Mode: The fins of the light are closed and it could be used as a task light. 

Second Mode: The user can change the atmosphere of their space, they can change the LED light color and the aperture of the light coming through the fixture. 

The light fixture can be used in a residence as a single unit, but the goal of the project is to mass produce these units and use them as an art installation. The educational aim of the project is to establish a cyber-physical kinetic system that can later be used in other types of furniture.

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Status: Under Construction
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Mert BS