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Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl is a multi-income mid-rise housing project situated at the terminus of S. Park View St at W. 7th Street, Los Angeles. The building faces directly onto MacArthur Park requiring a strong urban responsibility to hold street facade alignment while also serving to create an icon worth of the area. With limited width, height, and depth to create the facade -- Pink Pearl takes its cues from Italian Piazzas, particularly the work of Borromini and Bernini to create a plastic boolean expression that undulates over the street to create a public entry for a double-height retail space. Above the facade are 18 units of fixed- and market-rate housing. With 4 units clustered around “neighborhood” lounges and
outdoor balconies on each floor -- with interior halls opening out to fresh air, daylighting, and terrific views. Each unit has corner balconies. Many units are designed as 3-bedroom apartments to provide ample space for local families. The top floor has 2bdrm units facing onto the park alongside a large outdoor fitness center for the tenants. The rooftop provides additional amenity spaces for the whole building.

Sustainable -- net zero building design is the hallmark of this project. And as street life also matters -- attention is given to incorporating circles, arches, and pendentives of historical architecture treasured by the local community.

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Status: Unbuilt
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Project Team: Principal Architect and Designer: Stephen Phillips, FAIA; Stephen
Phillips Architects (SPARCHS)
Design Team: Trevor Allen, Ismael Soto, Alex Fu, Pei Ju Wu,
Estefani Aguilar, Joyce Ooi, Ryan Tran, Edwin Liu, Meihui Zhang;
Stephen Phillips Architects (SPARCHS)
Structural Engineer: Fabio Zangoli, Labib Funk + Associates
Building Technology: Pavel Getov, Studio Antares