Paul Xiaopu Wang

Paul Xiaopu Wang

New York, NY, US


Microsoft HQ

_work culture rebranding
_financial district_San Francisco
_43,500 sq.ft.
_design blitz_san francisco 2015
_award_make it work_interior design magazine 2015
_photograph_bruce damonte

As a global leader in productivity technology, Microsoft looked to its new San Francisco office as a showroom for innovation and discovery. The 43,500 sf office space blends employee workspace with a customer-facing technology center to create a space that provides real-life demonstration of Microsoft products and services. Built using Microsoft’s Workplace Advantage global design guidelines, the new office seamlessly integrates mobile technology into the workplace to allow people to work anyplace, anytime. 

Street front visibility and outward transparency of the interior space were key drivers in the design of the new office space. Located at 555 California in the historic Bank of America building, the office was the first tenant build-out of the second level since the building was constructed. The office floorplan takes advantage of views and uses Microsoft branding to create a first impression that is both inviting and instantly recognizable. - Design Blitz

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
My Role: #sd set #cd set #revit rendering #ca #internal staircase and brand landing space
Additional Credits: Design Team #seth hanley #melissa hanley #john hunter #zack meade #tamara roth #elizabeth evoy