Paul Xiaopu Wang

Paul Xiaopu Wang

New York, NY, US


Lobby Renovation_100 CAL

_lobby + EOT renovation in landmark building
_financial district_San Francisco
_5,100 sq.ft.
_design blitz_san francisco 2016
_photograph_hoffman chrisman and mathew millman

The lobby renovation for San Francisco landmark building, 100 California Street, shifts the traditional paradigm of a lobby as a transitory space into a destination itself. Not only does the project update the aesthetics of the space, it has transformed the lobby into a vibrant building amenity.

The project team studied the site extensively to determine natural traffic flows and building access routes when considering the renovation. The new plan relocates the security checkpoint and infrastructure and transitions this role from ‘guard’ to ‘concierge’ providing a more welcoming experience for tenants and visitors. A custom light fixture is the focal point of the entire lobby. Picking up on all of the angular expressions implemented elsewhere in the space, it was designed to feel like a 3D sketch in space. The design of the fixture went through many iterations with each iteration reducing the element further until it was only as much as needed to demonstrate the lightness and fluidity of a hand sketch in space. - Design Blitz

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
My Role: #custom light fixture #sd set #cd set #rendering #physical model
Additional Credits: Design Team #seth hanley #melissa hanley #john hunter #zack meade #matt cottrill #denise darrin