Paul Xiaopu Wang

Paul Xiaopu Wang

New York, NY, US


5000 & 7000 Marina

_building repositioning
_sierra point_brisbane
_150,000 sq.ft.
_design blitz_san francisco 2015
_photograph_bruce damonte

The goal of the building repositioning was to transform the location into a sought after creative office and campus strategic building.

Both buildings, which remained vacant for more than four years prior to the renovation, underwent a complete exterior and interior repositioning. Blitz created a cohesive campus design that visually unifies the two buildings and fosters an instantly recognizable identity. The design embraces the surrounding mountains and marina, and is located adjacent to the San Francisco airport. Creating a people-centered experience that improves efficiencies and visual connections between interior spaces is paramount. Similar exterior color palettes, textured materials, and metal panel systems on main entry canopies are used in alternating and opposing schemes on both buildings to create a sense of connection between the structures while preserving each building’s distinct identity. Shared campus amenities such as bay view walking trails, outdoor seating, and native landscaping provide a connection between the two buildings and a clear path of travel between the two entries. - Design Blitz

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Status: Built
Location: Brisbane, CA, US
My Role: #dd set #atrium test fit #permit set #cd set #rendering
Additional Credits: Design Team #seth hanley #melissa hanley #john hunter #zack meade