Solene Biche

Solene Biche

Barcelona, ES


Sambou Toura Drame School, Senegal

Located in the Sédhiou Region of Senegal, in Marsassoum the Sambou Toura Drame school is a project that aims to work from the inside out, with smart strategies of adaptive reuse to create a self-sustaining building demonstrating the viability of the use of local materials and sustainability for other construction in the country. The project reconsiders the nature of buildings—and asks whether existing architecture can be adapted and experience a rebirth, like a growing organism. The Sambou Toura Drame school exemplifies how we can design more intelligently, not by the brute force of demolition, or by meticulously adding new interior element, but through an organic approach that weaves together the old and the new. Unlike other buildings in the region which are predominately rectilinear in form, the Sambou Toura Drame school has the distinction of curving in the landscape. The roof of the building dips into inwardly-inclined platforms so that its occupants can benefit from rainwater harvesting. From the exterior, the building seems to whimsically dance in curves whereas it’s inner structure was intricately designed to allow winds to travel through the building vents on the facades and the spaced brick walls on the ground floor, creating cross-ventilation within the space. The building would also be one of the few two storey building in the area, setting a precedent for this rural area that would allow more land to be available for farming.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Marsassoum, Senegal
My Role: Architect