Solene Biche

Solene Biche

Barcelona, ES


CLT energy efficient house

Tigh Na Bruaich is project for an energy efficient, cross-laminated-timber (CLT) house with a distinctive geometric form, located in the Speyside Region of Scotland. When planning the CLT house, the aim was to accommodate the family composition and lifestyle. Taking into consideration space for writing, research, and guests. The south side of the entrance, connects with the garage which opens to a guest reception area and a living/ dinning space. The relationship with the external environment was planned by considering both openness and privacy. Users are planning to move through the interior space and feel like they are seeing frames with various views of the four seasons through the windows. The outer deck, serves as an outdoor living room, is open towards nature but remains out of sight of the neighbourhood. The house explores the dialogue between the CLT exterior, opening up to an interior left raw, lightly whitewashed. Washed in light, textures and smells of natural materials, and to be surrounded in green. Spatially dynamic, reflecting the nature of the site, the views are carefully screened and then revealed. Tectonically experimenting, the CLT panels would be pre-fabricated and routed using CNC technology, delivered to the site for efficient erection.

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Status: Under Construction