Los Angeles, CA


Skyline Residence

Skyline Residence is a contemporary three-story, three-bedroom hilltop home located on a complex site on the Santa Barbara Mesa. The site constraints required a unique formal solution deploying a concrete and steel structural frame to maximize the responsiveness of the structure and organizing the living spaces from the top down, connecting them by a continuous circulatory core to make the home feel open and spacious.

Each room of the residence has a connection to the exterior environment allowing the natural light and natural ventilation to flow through the house by taking advantage of the cool ocean breezes. Apertures between the floors create a natural exhaust pattern directing heat upwards through the central vertical circulation core and out of the structure. The exterior wood slat screen, awnings, and guardrails provide shading for the top floor to minimize heat-gain, while overhangs and exterior motorized blinds shade the glazing of the exterior envelope on the first floor.

The materials of the house were chosen to be maintenance-free and utilize time to increase their beauty. The exterior Ipe wood weather over time into a silver-gray finish, while the Corten steel ages naturally and develops a rich texture and patina. No gypsum wallboard or paint is used throughout the residence, and all millwork is made from high-quality plywood.

The Skyline Residence is an ultra-responsive to the site constraints and shaped by an informed understanding of the view angles, honest material palette, and consistent with the values of modern, functional, efficient, and comfortable.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Channel Island Construction (Contractor), Eric Nagelmann (Landscape), Taylor Syfan (Structural), Pat Carson Studio (Steelword and Millwork), JMPE (Electrical)
Photography: Jeremy Bittermann