Los Angeles, CA


CL:20 - Modern Addition Prototype

How do you add on to a suburban home with minimal cost but maximum design impact?

This is a question that most American homeowners face at some point, especially owners of post-war built tract and “ranch style” homes. Our answer is the following:
1. Pre-fab or modularize the construction as much as possible
2. Minimize impact on existing home and yard as much as possible
3. Maximize floor plan and wall adaptability
4. Maximize energy and resource efficiency
5. Use reclaimed construction materials where possible

The 14 ft. x 34 ft.CL20 minimally connects to the existing house with a glass box connecting space. It deploys “off the shelf” structural steel moment frames that bolt to a standard concrete slab on grade. These 4 frames support the flat roof thus providing all the vertical and lateral support necessary for the entire structure. This allows floor plan flexibility and eliminates exterior shear walls. The CL20 exterior walls are custom installed dual pane insulated glass and proprietary sliding doors. This transparent glass box minimizes visual impact on the yard while providing maximum interior day lighting.

Resource Efficiency:

The flat roof provides an excellent platform for a photovoltaic array to service the CL20 and existing residence. The interior walls and ceiling are reclaimed clear Douglas fir.

All lighting is LED, and heating/cooling is provided by a high efficiency Mitsubishi split system.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, US
Firm Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Photography: Ciro Coelho