Scott Brownrigg

Scott Brownrigg

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Art'otel Berlin Mitte

Art’otel is a collection of hotels located in cosmopolitan cities across Europe that fuse exceptional architectural style with art-inspired interiors. At the heart of the brand lies the art itself with each hotel displaying a collection of post-1945 original artwork designed or acquired specifically for that particular property. Each hotel focuses on the work of one designated artist and for the Art ‘otel Berlin, prints and etchings by Georg Baselitz provided the lead inspiration for the development of the interior design concept. This, together with the introduction of new forms and materials and a layering of historical references has further contributed in distinguishing this remarkable brand. Scott Brownrigg was responsible for the interior design and refurbishment of all bedrooms and suites, the hotel lobby, bar, restaurant and other public areas.

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Status: Built
Location: Berlin, DE