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INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS EXPLORE ITALIAN FURNITURE DESIGN, From Functional to Radical -A new master of furniture design to be offered at The Florence Institute in Italy-

Marc DiDomenico
May 26, '12 9:06 AM EST

FLORENCE, ITALY – Florence Institute of Design International, one of Italy’s leading International design schools, will unveil a new Master program in the field of Furniture Design beginning in September 2012. Designed to develop students’ knowledge and skills related to all aspects of furniture, the new one-year course will instruct students from the design and development, to the production of prototypes, with a general overview of furniture history.

The Furniture Design Master program builds upon to the Institute's already successful Master of Interior Design program, and is ideal for graduate students with a strong interest in Italian furniture design, interior design and industrial design. According to Director Arch. Marc DiDomenico, "The field of industrial design is quite vast, and this master will allow design students to focus on a single area." The Institute builds upon this rich history of art, culture and design, while providing students with a unique international learning experience in which methodology and curriculum are designed for the broad and diverse set of students, and focused on the personalization of studies. The Furniture Design Master program will be a mixture of design assignments and lectures on conceptual furniture design. There will also be in-depth classes on the history of modern Italian Design which explains the innovations and concepts which established Florence and Italy as leaders in this sector. In addition to the design courses, there will be computer modeling with advanced industrial software, and also an art history course to provide a more general background into Italy's creative past.

The instructing professors are highly respected architects, all with different experiences and styles. "Our professors’ design theories range from 'functionalist to radicals", says DiDomenico. "Some professors are working professionals who design for the 'mass market', meaning home or contract projects. On the opposite side of sphere, the city of Florence, in the 1960's and 70's was at the very center of a post-modern movement that changed furniture design throughout the world. Today Florence's 'radical past" still has a real presence in Florence and also at our school. There is an important Italian Radical who teaches furniture design to one of master studios. Just last semester we had a guest lecture by one of the founders of Superstudio. This year will be sponsoring an exposition and also organizing a design workshop on this theme."

The Florence Institute of International Design is an international school of arts and design in Florence, Italy. The Institute is located in the historic center of Florence, Italy within a historic Baroque palazzo. It offers courses in Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Furniture Design. The school fuses modern and traditional Florentine concepts in art, and assumes the Italian artistic culture along with many other influences to promote a progressive and contemporary understanding of the creative process behind design. For more information about the Florence Institute of Design International, please visit

arch. Marc DiDomenico
Florence Institute of Design International
Florence, Italy

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