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Arid Lands Institute

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By jeremy delgado
May 8, '12 6:55 PM EST

Join us on May 16 from 11am-Noon the Arid Lands Institute will participate in the weekly Twitter chat session of #LANDSCAPECHAT

The conversation will happen across @aridlandsinst @valleycrest and @coronatools with hashtag #landscapechat.

We will be discussing the Drylands Conference and what we do at the Arid Lands Institute.. tune in on Twitter.

#LANDSCAPECHAT is a weekly chat via Twitter with current topics relating to watering efficiency in today's landscapes. Connecting businesses, homeowners & community projects.
General Information

Corona Tools and ValleyCrest have teamed up to chat about informative, how-to and topical landscaping subjects including;

- Effective Water Conservation
- Landscape Sustainability
- Planting
- Design and Planning
- Maintenance
and MANY others