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UK/CoD Dean, Michael Speaks, will give a lecture in an International Historic Preservation Conference

By Archinect
Apr 12, '11 7:26 PM EST

UK/CoD Dean, Michael Speaks, will give a lecture in the International Historic Preservation Conference, CAH 20thC 'International Conference: Intervention Approaches for the 20th Century Architectural Heritage,' in Madrid, Spain.  Speaks will talk on June 14, the topic will be “Identification and recognition of the architectural heritage in the 20th Century.”

From the CAH 20thC's website:

The Campus Internacional de Excelencia Moncloa - Cluster de Patrimonio, together with the ISC20C - International Scientific Committee on 20th Century Heritage of ICOMOS, organizes the first International Scientific Conference celebrated in Spain regarding Approaches for the Intervention in the Architectural Heritage of the 20th Century.

The Conference, which will include prominent architects as keynote speakers will take place in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid –ETSAM-, on the 14th, 15th and 16th of June 2011.

The presence of international conservation practitioners will contribute to the Conference’s debate and public discussion to consider the resulting conservation, protection and management issues related to this important heritage resource.

The lack of recognition and identification and the lack of technical knowledge and public affection suffered by the 20th century architectural heritage have caused that many of its most remarkable and admired works have already disappeared in the last decades.

Consideration of these matters has led to a staged process of meetings and international debates to reflect on this field globally.

The conferences, lectures and selected communications will be published by Spain’s Ministry of Culture, together with text of the “Madrid Document”.