Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)

Los Angeles, CA

SCI-Arc Gallery Presents: Jeffrey Kipnis & Stephen Turk - Figure Ground Game, An Architecturalists Show

Fri, Jan 17 '14  –  Sun, Mar 2 '14
Los Angeles, CA, US

Exhibition Discussion & Opening Reception: Friday, January 17, 7pm
Jeffrey Kipnis discusses the exhibition with SCI-Arc Director Eric Owen Moss

The Figure Ground Game, a multimedia, multidisciplinary romp, draws upon animation, film, computer games and art to reaffirm and amplify architecture's ongoing speculative contest with instantiated power staged on the ground. Not an exhibition, but rather a curated show, Figure Ground Game features the work of a half-dozen architects, painters, a sculptor and more, all related to one another by a desire to mine the tradition and history of figurality in the arts as it has been inflected in recent years by technology, media and the discourse of enfranchisement in order to rethink the consequences of the building-ground relationship a step or two further.

Among the conjectures foregrounded in the show are new building postures, co-dependent structures, non-local contextualism, and perhaps most important of all, an assertion of a desire to see comedy achieve an equivalent status to tragedy in architecture, as it has for centuries in all of the other arts to the profound increase in their powers and the resultant existential benefit to each and all of us.

Exhibition curator: Jeffrey Kipnis, Professor, The Ohio State University
Chief Architect: Stephen Turk, Professor, The Ohio State University

Featured Exhibitors:
Architecture: Stephen Turk, John Yurchyk, Paul Adair, and Ryan Docken , all of The Ohio State University; Mr. Docken courtesy of Captain Dust
Painting: Fabian Marcaccio (NY), Maurice Clifford (Atlanta)
Sculpture: Beverly Stephens

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