University of Michigan

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

BANKRUPT: Economic Crisis and the Built Environment

Sat, Apr 5 '14
Ann Arbor, MI, US

April 5, 2014
Hussey Room, Michigan League

9:00 AM

Welcome/Opening remarks
Larissa Larsen, University of Michigan

9:15 - 10:45 AM

Architecture and Power in Urban Crises

Tait Johnson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
"An Aluminum Town Square: Reacting to Crisis in Paola, Kansas"

Joseph Watson, University of Pennsylvania
"The Politics of the Atrium: Atlanta's Peachtree Center and the Re-invention of Space"

Alireza Karbasioun, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
"Permanent Crisis-Permanent Prison"

Discussant: Sharon Haar, University of Michigan

11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Planning and (In)Equity from Postwar to Present

Patrick Cooper-McCann, University of Michigan
"Putting Equity Back Into Shrinking Cities Planning"

Vaughn Horn, Harvard University
"Cobo's Ragweed Acres and 49 Million Alternatives – Roads Trodden and Not Taken in Detroit's Paradise Valley and Surroundings"

Discussant: Reynolds Farley, University of Michigan

2:00 - 3:30 PM

Reconceiving Landscapes After Development

Katherine Cannella, University of Virginia
"Regenerating the Suburban Strip"

Grey Elam, University of Virginia
"Maintenance as an Affordable Design Operation"

Ian Trivers, University of Michigan
"From Liabilities to Assets: Reassessing Railway Industrial Heritage in Post-Industrial Cities"

Discussant: Panos Leventis, Drury University

4:00 - 5:30 PM

Governance and the Shrinking City

M Roman-John Koscielniak, University of Michigan
"The Enabling Work of Detroit's Redevelopment: Practices of Efficiency, Exception and Visibility"

David Sherley, Miami University
"Toward Vibrancy and Diversity: Seeing the Silence of Urban Decline and Building a Narrative of Regeneration"

Leah Hollstein, University of Texas at Austin
"Planning Decisions for Vacant Lots in the Context of Shrinking Cities: A Survey and Comparison of Practices in the United States"

Discussant: Jonathan Massey, Syracuse University

5:30 PM

Closing remarks
Claire Zimmerman, University of Michigan

Conference Committee:
Michael McCulloch, Sarah Mills, Azadeh Omidfar,
Benjamin Smith

Sponsored by:
Planning and Architecture Research Group (P+ARG)
Rackham Student Government
Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
University of Michigan Office of Research

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