University of Toronto

University of Toronto

Toronto, ON, CA

"LANDSCAPE LANDSCAPE URBANISM the garden of the XXI century" Teresa Gali-Izard: Michael Hough/Ontario Association of Landscape Architects Visiting Critic

Mon, Nov 23 '2012 PM  –  Mon, Nov 23 '201 AM

Landscape landscape urbanism is an inclusive approach to the construction of the human ecosystem. It translates the hidden potential of places and pursues a new relationship between living creatures, humans among them. This methodology seeks to understand climate and geology—their performance, constraints and gifts—as the foundation for learning from the primary matter of landscapes over time. Landscape landscape urbanism makes no distinction between urban and rural. It proposes new artificial ecologies that understand landscape as an integrated productive system responding to multiple intentions: enhanced biodiversity, dynamic cycles of water and carbon, a living soil, and growth over time—culminating in new architectural entities. These hybrid structures generate new languages that integrate living systems into the construction of the urban realm. Landscape Landscape Urbanism is a redefinition of the relationship between humans and nonhumans where multiple individual milieux overlap in a shared environment. 

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