Shomari Sealy

Shomari Sealy

Bronx, NY, US


Denver Provo

Located in Denver International Airport, this building is occupied by SouthWest Airlines. SouthWest hired us (Transystems) to make few changes to this building which they use for storage and supplies for in flight food and beverages. We were ask to provide four more docks and a roll down door. To achieve this we had to eliminate two stairs and four doors as seen on the key plan on page 32. This project was required by Denver International Airport in Revit so the challenge to start was to completely model the building in Revit, but only hand drawings were available from the early 90’s and a survey done to show changes made that weren’t recorded on the drawings. After I modeled the existing building we started to input what the changes were going to be which generated a New Work Plan. The drawings show were the main changes were made and details that were made for the new walls, stairs and ramp. This is the slight extent of what is needed for a complete architectural set of drawings.

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Status: Built
Location: Denver, CO, US
My Role: Drafter
Additional Credits: Kevin, Nhan