Sarvie Golestaneh

Sarvie Golestaneh

New York, NY, US


SWERVE Housing

SWERVE is a unique affordable housing complex that can change the way of urban living in Canada, with housing units made from shipping containers!

The SWERVE complex features four dwellings, a rooftop terrace and a sleek design that integrates several building materials together including steel, timber, and concrete. The dwellings can be used as transitional housing, rental units, student housing, or other kinds of small-scale living.

Modular housing is becoming increasingly popular, and homeowners have taken to social media to showcase their creations, since they typically do not require an extensive crew to complete. The time required to build such a complex would be a fraction of what it would be for conventional construction, since the units are pre-fabricated. 

This was a personal project that was submitted individually for the 2019 Architecture Student Design Challenge competition for Marvin Windows & Doors Canada. 

Autodesk REVIT was used from start to finish to model the building complex, including floorplans, elevations, rendered drawings, and walkthrough video. I used my knowledge of architecture and structural engineering to derive a feasible design.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Ottawa, ON, CA
My Role: Creator