Ricardo Maga Rojas

Ricardo Maga Rojas

Austin, TX, US

SPSW Research Poster
SPSW Research Poster

Brace system for steel plate shear walls with coupling

The primary objective of this research is to incorporate a brace system that will prevent out-of-plane buckling of the SPSW-WC specimens. There are two proposed brace designs: (1) to sandwich the specimen to prevent out-of-plane buckling and (2) a system incorporating a tension and compression connection behind the specimens to prevent occlusion of important behavior. New design methods are required to examine the effects of the bracing system. Through this research close attention will be given as to whether a pair of compression connections or a tension-compression system act as a better brace for the SPSW-WC specimen.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Champaign, IL, US
My Role: Design of a brace system for SPSW-WC
Additional Credits: Larry A. Fahnestock, Dan Borello, Alvaro, Quinones