Raquel Jiménez Nieto

Raquel Jiménez Nieto

Seville, ES


Intervention in the rice plant

The location, situated between the urban area of ​​High San Juan and the Guadalquivir River, around the area of future expansion of the city, is the place of union between two environments: the consolidated against the imagination.

It is an intervention which links the city with the territory, the residential scale with the scale of the landscape and housing with free space.

It is necessary to recoup the contact space between city and nature.

The proposal take part in the area to accommodate housing models and bringing people to the environment. This is the territory and not the city who suggests location. 

So, the cross connections are generated from the idea of wanting to connect the established territory with the proposed.

The housings are located and oriented to the river city. The facilities are established between them.

The free spaces are located between the stripes of residential buildings by walkways.

Lengthwise, a linear park is established. Its intention is to continue the existing old railway line with the new line by tram. It will do the park from north to south.

Internal traffic is part of the land a lower level to avoid interference with the green areas.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville- Andalusia), Spain
My Role: Main architect & planner (teamwork)