Raquel Jiménez Nieto

Raquel Jiménez Nieto

Seville, ES



My name is Raquel Jiménez Nieto. I am 26 years old and I was born in Ronda (Malaga, Spain), in 1987. 

Ever since my childhood, my greatest dream was to be an artist. I was interested in painting and construction. Few years later, I discovered the world of the Architecture.


I joined in the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Seville in 2005, where I stumbled upon teachers that I would re-interested in fields of knowledge and relate architecture to understand it better. At the same time, I began to study ancient architects to understand how we got to the current thinking.

During my academic experience I learnt how to benefit from new tools that technology offers to architects but without forgetting the skills of hand- drawing and modeling. Definitely, all that makes our profession an art. In turn, the fact of exposing my projects has provided me with skills of communication, being capable of presenting my ideas confidently and efficiently.

Developing projects and working in team  allowed me to learn the value of teamwork, of commitment, of how to focus on the aims and structure my time in order, so that these activities fit in my timetable.

Also, I worked with people of different nationalities from all continents and made several trips to meet foreign architectures. This helped me to create my own way of thinking, seeing reality with different eyes and face it.

As a person, I am highly motivated and extremely well-organized. I have an energetic and meticulous personality. I am of a cheerful nature disposition.

In December 2012, I would end my time education in the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Seville. Then, I decided to travel to London. City which was always reference, living with a local family , in which I have lost the city to discover its corners and I studied English to pass the Cambridge “First” for five months.


Nowadays, I work as a freelancer  because of Spaniard  crisis. The world of the Architecture and Design is my life and I can´t stop.

At the moment, I am looking for an opportunity  to join an office abroad in order to gain some practical experience. I believe that there is no better way of growing as a person and professionally than working day by day with others people.





GÁLVEZ&ALGECIRAS architecture studio., Seville, ES, Architect assistant with ArchiCad 16 computer software.

Multiple activities related to produce a design for competition projects and carry out “Interlomas Mexico” execution project.

Nov 2012 - Jan 2013


Higher Technical School of Architecture, University of Seville, Spain, Bachelors, Degree + Master in Architecture (Programme 1998)

Professional status:

Professional activities in this field are regulated by law and are supervised by the Official Colleges of Architects.

This qualification enables the holder to carry out multiple activities related to projects and direction of architectural works and urbanism; projecting and directing public or private building works of new construction, extension or reformation for any use, rehabilitation of listed buildings of historic or artistic interest; drawing up urban projects, urban planning, territorial planning, land use, landscape and environment management, directing works deriving from such projects, and organisation, management and surveying of real estate.

The holder may carry out activities for public administration and private companies, as well as in teaching.

Main fields of study:

Architectural projects (basic and execution projects)
Graphic expression
History and theory of architecture
Urbanism, territorial management and planning
Construction and architectural technologies
Structure and foundation calculations
Urban facilities and buildings
Conservation and restoration of architectural heritage
Organisation of works and companies, regulations, costs and surveying
Rehabilitation’s projects
Computer graphics
Expert reports. Valuations
Construction measurements and budgets

Sep 2005 - Dec 2011

Martín Rivero, Ronda (Malaga), Spain, High School, Tecnology's degree

Sep 2003 - Jun 2005

Areas of Specialization