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Richard Meier & Partners Architects Present Richard Meier: Process and Vision at Mana Contemporary Chicago

By Richard Meier & Partners
Sep 29, '15 10:45 AM EST
Rotschild Tower. Photo by Diana Carta Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners Architects
Rotschild Tower. Photo by Diana Carta Courtesy Richard Meier & Partners Architects

New York, September 29th, 2015 – Richard Meier & Partners is pleased to announce Richard Meier: Process and Vision at Mana Contemporary Chicago in partnership with the inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial.

Richard Meier’s international body of work is acclaimed for its timeless, classic design from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona to the Getty Center in Los Angeles to Rome’s Jubilee Church. Each project throughout Richard Meier’s decades of architectural practice has posed its own set of inherent challenges, whether social, environmental, technological, or economical.

Architectural drawings, sketches, and study models are consequently used as a means for exploring various design strategies, arriving at a solution that is both beautiful and pragmatic. Richard Meier: Process and Vision provides examples of this process for four iconic projects -- the Getty Center, High Museum of Art, Canal+ Headquarters, and the Arp Museum -- as well as four of the firm’s most recent projects in the United States, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Over the years Richard Meier’s artistic practice has also expanded in parallel with his architectural practice, which has resulted in an impressive portfolio of collages. Saturated with rich color and a myriad of different textures, the collages seem at first glance to contradict his architectural style and design; however, the collages complement his architecture in various, unexpected ways, recording the artist’s creative process and offering a contrast to the rigidity of architectural drawings. As with architecture, the collages explore spatial and social relationships and seek to reconcile random discord with ideal order. A selection of mixed media silkscreen prints of Meier’s collages is featured within the exhibition so that the artistic and architectural can be understood concurrently.

The exhibition will be on view to the public from October 3, 2015 through January 30, 2016. Mana Contemporary Chicago will celebrate the opening of the exhibition with a lecture on October 3rd at 2:00 p.m. given by Associate Partner Bernhard Karpf at the High Concept Labs at Mana Contemporary Chicago. Richard Meier: Process and Vision is organized by Mana Contemporary and Richard Meier & Partners Architects in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

For more information on the work of Richard Meier & Partners, please visit or contact to RSVP for the lecture at Mana Contemporary Chicago on Saturday, October 3rd. 2015.