Rachel G.

Rachel G.

New York, NY, US


Wolf Point


This project created an intervention at Wolf Point using a lookout, a ramp to access the river, and a dock. The intervention was permitted to utilize only 160’ of the shoreline at Wolf Point, and to extend 20’ into the river.

Wolf Point has a badly degrading shoreline and is an under-utilized space, particularly for being such a central location in Chicago. This project extends the shoreline the allowable 20’ into the river, since this site has the potential to be a very important location for wildlife on the river. A grid of below-grade gabions serve to hold soil but also allow for drainage. This grid is stabilized by a series of steel posts, which stay at the height of the top of the bank, to create a datum that marks the slope of the bank.

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Status: School Project
Location: Wolf Point, Chicago, IL
My Role: Designer