Bamiyan Cultural Center by Ricardo Rebolledo

Ricardo Rebolledo
Ricardo Rebolledo

The new Cultural Center for Baniyan is conceived as a garden-building. A place that promotes harmonic coexistance between their inhabitants as a celebration of cultural exchange in times of peace. In addition to the pre-established program of the competition, green areas of flower beds have been added in an attempt to: 1. Reinterpret some values found in the Islamic gardens such as vegetation, natural light, shadow, and water irrigation channels. 2. Bring out the importance of the agricultural activity of the region. 3. Rescue the practice of planting a variety of species of flowers and vegetables of great appeal in the market of spices and decoration. The flower beds have been displayed in a colorful mosaic pattern so that it can be perceived as the central decorative attraction of the grand green area that covers the valley of Baniyan.

The building rests on the spaces between the levels of the given area of construction imitating a terrace two levels below the highest quote offering a clear view of the "Buddha Cliff".


In direct reference to the Far East architectural style, the volumes are organized using a regular geometry alternating the filled and empty spaces simulating a checkerboard in order to allow natural light and ventilation all around. Water irrigation channels collect rainwater at the highest levels and distribute it to the lower ones. The lowest level of the building hosts most of the áreas established in the Cultural Center´s program which extend towards the exterior over geometrical terraces that adapt to the different quotes of terrain thus allowing the pleasure of contemplating the magnificent view. The first level hosts the parking area, tea house, and another section of the park. The walls that serve as structural base to the lower level of the complex are composed of craft made bricks and local stones, while the roofs and the flower trays would be reinforced with concrete. 

Status: Competition Entry
Location: Bamiyan, AF

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