Pamela Marcos Payton

Pamela Marcos Payton

México Distrito Federal, MX


Tec Stadium

Tec’s University Stadium has been used, not only for the university team games, but for soccer games of one of the two biggest teams of Monterrey. It is designed to have around 36,500 people. This soccer team is having a new stadium and the university football games do not have enough demand to occupy the whole stadium. The plan is to reuse the existing structure, making it a multifunctional building, with different recreational, commercial, and residential activities. The purpose of the project is to create a public park, not only for students, but for the community, where the space that used to be worshiped by many soccer fans, can now be used by everyone. 

Following the LEED guideline, a series of sustainable strategies are used throughout the design. The project includes a living machine for water treatment, etfe panels to reduce internal heat, solar panels to supply solar electricity, recycled materials on furniture and finishes,  vegetable gardens for residents, and internal and external connection with its surroundings. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Monterrey, MX
My Role: Conceptual Design
Additional Credits: Alfredo González
Juan Carlos Boesch
Mariela Ancira