Pamela Marcos Payton

Pamela Marcos Payton

México Distrito Federal, MX



Quo is a mixed-use building located in a high growing residential and financial zone in Monterrey. This development aims to defy the conventional social standards of life and work. It consists of a residential tower of 171 apartments between 60m2-120m2, 3 floors for 5,000m2 retail area with a central plaza for art exhibitions and events, plus 6 workshop studios that give the opportunity for users to develop their professional skills from their homes.  

Its architecture pretends to create a sensorial experience, for which textures, smell, and materials play a great roll in the design. Art, music, culture, and self expression are de basis and identity of Quo.  

The intention of the project is to explore people’s way of expression: exhibition areas in the commerce plaza, libraries as amenities, writable walls everywhere in the building. Freedom, art, audacious, are just some words that describe Quo. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Monterrey, MX
My Role: Conceptual Design
Additional Credits: Melissa Carvajal
Javier Tamez
Miguel Guzmán
Ana María Casillas
Marcela Gómez