Pamela Marcos Payton

Pamela Marcos Payton

México Distrito Federal, MX


Green Street

Monterrey’s city centre has been in decline over the past years. Insecurity has affected its residential and commercial areas. Buildings are in poor conditions, public transportation is disorganized and pedestrian infrastructure is null.  There is a lack of connectivity within the district and people prefer to live in other areas of the city even though most of the economic activity happens here. The idea is to solve these problems by creating a linear park from south (main avenue) to north (metro station), between two of the busiest streets of the District - Pino Suárez and Cuahutémoc. A series of parks, retail stores, office buildings and apartments will take place along this main corridor.  Different branches of the corridor will be connecting east and west as well, becoming downtown’s central park. The project analyzes the current conditions of streets and buildings. Evaluating its structure into two kinds: rehabilitation or  replacement. Buildings to conserve will be restored to give homogenous look to the whole corridor. Ground floor will become transparent to give a connection between central patios to the street. And corners will become taller with a series of offices and apartments. The idea is to bring back the activity to the city’s downtown. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Monterrey, MX
My Role: Conceptual Design
Additional Credits: Brenda Landeros
Karen Díaz de León