David Curtis

David Curtis

SF Bay area, CA

David Curtis recently worked on...

...dc_us recommends content broadcast via Twitter and NationBuilder. Facebook is heavily filtered and demands boosting of content in order for delivery. dc_us recommends removal of Facebook from all mobile and fixed devices.

9 days

...doing a hardscape plan for an Eichler house in Marin

11 days

...I did some Cosplay in 1971, I think I peed in my lion costume.

12 days

...The last time I worked on a church project was 1991, and I would like to keep it that way.

12 days

...Can Buddha be atheist?

12 days

...I now have to take Benny Louie-Der to small claims court to get him to pay the $900 he owes me for two months. Yay me.

14 days

...I just fired my second client this year. Pro tip: Don't work for house flippers.

14 days

...Congrats to Rob Livesey on his 34 years at the Ohio State University. Rob curated an excellent group of teachers, I was lucky to be a part of the program 1984-88. DC

14 days

...dc_us is programming a residential project for Oregon

17 days

...Everyone please ride your hippy/Burning Man bikes to the new Chinese place, just not at the same time. It's by Michael's, that sad excuse for an "art's" and crafts store by Northgate Mall before it is turned into an emergency homeless shelter thanks to Amazon.

20 days

...Making a wood model of Project X

Sep 18 '17

...Re-editing a video for Beck

Sep 16 '17

...I'm producing/directing a video for a Yellow Thunder Woman song: Everyone Has A Secret

Sep 16 '17

...the San Mateo Addition concept is awesome, we can't wait to show it. -dc_us

Sep 13 '17

...Congratulations to Effie Bouras on being named an Associate at dc_us

Sep 10 '17

...No, I do not "want to land a job at (firm name)"

Sep 8 '17

...Not a paid endorsement

Not a paid endorsement

Sep 2 '17

...just got the go ahead for a residential project in San Mateo

Sep 1 '17

...Building habitat for a rescue parrot and dragon. Installing closet storage system. Designing a garage conversion.

Aug 30 '17

...I'm designing a trophy for the shittiest client of the year award.

Aug 26 '17

...will collab with punks and goths

Aug 24 '17

...dc_us is doing a remod of a single fam home in Concord, CA

Aug 24 '17

...happy wednesday

happy wednesday

Aug 23 '17

...I hate it when I'm getting waterboarded & cats run across my naked chest.

Aug 23 '17

...Annon ctrl freaks get coffee enemas.

Aug 22 '17

...I worked on a 100 million dollar residential tower without a release of lien statement but you need one for your bullshit remodel...

Aug 18 '17

...I'm cutting up the bibles and THEN burning them, because sequence is important

Aug 16 '17

...Just signed an NDA on a new Museum project

Jul 28 '17

...Designing a remodel of an Eichler house in Lucas Valley

Jul 27 '17

...Resuming work on a remodel/addition project in Fairfax, CA

Jul 27 '17