Andrew Hutarso

Andrew Hutarso

New York, NY, US

Andrew Hutarso. Fourth Year's Bachelor of Architecture RPI SoA
Andrew Hutarso. Fourth Year's Bachelor of Architecture RPI SoA

Re - Imagining The New Penn Station


The station is located in the underground levels of Pennsylvania Plaza, an urban complex between 7th Ave and 8th Ave and between 31st and 33rd Streets in Midtown Manhattan.

The purpose of this project is to relocate the current Penn Station from Madison Square Garden to New York State Post Office in order to bring back the memory of Old Penn Station that has been demolished in 1963. The reason to choose New York State Post Office is because this historical building has an equal historical qualities also it was built by the same architect of the original Penn Station.
Not only that the project also want to transform a new Penn Station to become an international standard train station which include, shopping center, restaurants&cafes, hotels, lounge, etc.


This project began by analyzing a biological characteristic of the nature, which brought me to the idea of branching system of bacteria called staphylococcus-aureus and erosion of the stone.

Starting by using a program called PROCESSING, I created a logic behavior of branching system (*see diagram I &II), which later become a base design of a new additional building. The branching system created a shrub that later been used as a structure of the floor plates that attached to the wall and the floor. This idea gives an opportunity to have a new inovation of structure by substitute column and beam to a complex branching shrub system. 
The exterior design also have a qualities of branching idea that connected the train station to surrounding buildings. The shrub become arm-like system that attach to other building.  The arm can act like bridges or hall way that give possibilities for people to circulate from the train station to other buildings.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Team Project
Additional Credits: Chloe Mahoney. Fourth Year's Bachelor of Architecture RPI SoA