Andrew Hutarso

Andrew Hutarso

New York, NY, US

Andrew Hutarso. Fourth Year's Bachelor of Architecture RPI
Andrew Hutarso. Fourth Year's Bachelor of Architecture RPI

Emphasising Identity Through The Projected Ceiling

Summary :

This project is located in EUR, a newly developed neighborhood of Rome. The design challenge is to redesign and reuse an abandoned office building and transform it as a new center of public activity, in other words turning the Palazzo into a Piazza. Currently the structure has been stripped down to slabs and columns. The project design was inspired by the ceiling from Palazzo Farnese, one of the greatest masterpieces by Sangallo and commissioned by Farnese Family. The purpose was to create a magnificent ceiling that created the sensation of power and wealth, which is a similar impression that the ceiling of Palazzo Farnese insinuated. The enormous aura reflected because it memorialized one of the most historical powerful figures in Rome. This would create a desirable tourist attraction and instill a sense of pride into the locals; therefore, the site would not only become office complex but also a center of activity. 

(*Full description of the project is included in the files)

Third Year's Student Project - Fall 2012 

Student Representation for Study Abroad to Italy.

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Status: School Project
Location: EUR, Rome, Italy