Andrew Hutarso

Andrew Hutarso

New York, NY, US

Andrew Hutarso. Fourth Year's Bachelor of Architecture RPI SoA
Andrew Hutarso. Fourth Year's Bachelor of Architecture RPI SoA

Bellanova Mall


ILATAAJ was choosen by LIPPO GROUP to renovated and redesign one of their mall located in Sentul, INDONESIA. During the Summer Internship 2013 at ILATAAJ, I have been  asignned to do deisgn the interior, roof and exterior for this project. (3d modeling)
The current situation of the building is only have one level, and bunch of retail shop around the site. 
The project is to keep the first level as the storage place, add more program at the second floor, and design the facade enterance of the building.


The design is inspired by MAXXI by Zaha Hadid. The roof perform as an opening to let natural sunlight  penetrate to the building. The interesting point of the design is located in the continuation between the roof to the facade enterance. There is no boundry that make the form of the design flow according to function. The windows become transform to doors, and the roof become the facade.
The programs are consist of 10 restaurants, 12 small retail space (25-100 m² each), 3 big retail space (534 m², 768 m², and 5000 m²), and cinema ( 768m²).
This is an ongoing project begin on July 2013. Current situation is under construction and expected to be done by end of 2014.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Sentul, Jakarta, Indonesia
My Role: Team Project. Five people. I am a 3D designer (1st Option Scheme).
Additional Credits: ILATAAJ Teams :
Andrew Tirta : Owner & Founder of ILATAAJ
Jonathan Sutanto : Project Manager & Presentation Set Up
Azan : 3D designer (2nd Option scheme)
Titiek : 2D Drafting AutoCAD