Thomas DArmi

Thomas DArmi

Medford Lakes, NJ, US


CAD Engineering/CAD Support

  • Corporate sponsor for AutoCAD  and Revit Architecture
  • Supply overall support for AutoCAD  2008, 2011 & 2013 and Revit Architecture 2014
  • Provide overall support for Intergraph PDS, MicroStation J, V8MX & V8i
  • Support for Intergraph Frameworks for the Structural Department
  • Assisting project in developing project automation and execution planning
  • Monitoring all projects for proper and efficient CAD usage
  • Provide on-the-job orientation and training to designers as required.
  • Setup and coordination of discipline training
  • Initiation, approval and coordination of new developments and applications
  • Providing plotting software and support
  • Supplying end-user technical support for all CAD applications
  • Installing all engineering software
  • Establishing network directory structure
  • Enabling and supervising, backup, and archival procedures
  • Maintaining documentation of software packages and training materials
  • Operating Systems include:  Windows XP and Windows 7
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Status: Built