Royd Zhang

Royd Zhang

Belle Mead, NJ, US



Design Development Studio

Studio Critics: Mark Mistur, Erik Churchill, Bryan Kim

The Center for Architecture, Design, and Education [CADE] located in the downtown loop of Chicago is a mixed use high-rise that begins to reinterpret its normal typology. Through the use of decentralized cores, neighborhood divisions, public penetrations, a unifying facade, and color, the normal monolithic mass of a skyscraper is broken up to create open areas that begin to conenct the building togehter internally within itself and externally to the rest of the city.

CADE brings together four different groups of people into an environment dedicated to education, play, and engagement.
The tower has been divided into three distinct neighborhoods, separated by interstital programs that penetrate the mass of the building. High school students, office workers, youth groups, and members of the public will be able to come here, and instead of being separated according to their respective uses, to interact with one another and each other in differing levels of intimacy and intensity. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Worked in collaboration on initial concepts, schematic design, and design development. Worked together with partner and engineering team on a Revit model. Worked on the final representation elements including diagrams, drawings, and renders.
Additional Credits: Partner: Aaron Barker
Engineering Team: Anthony Liang, Timothy Ma