Sarah Devlin

Sarah Devlin

Seattle, WA, US


Living Laboratory

undergraduate thesis studio / winter-spring 2010 / g.z. brown & john rowell

the design is based off of strict criteria so that the building can perform and meet the required Living Building Challenge prerequisites.

not only striving to be economically responsible but also socially responsible- reaching out to the community through the next generation by offering space for a local private high school.

designed to withstand and perform for 200 years, the facade features a prefabricated panel system of glass and terra cotta.  the structure is also carefully designed to adapt to different loads over time.

For a building to exist for over 200 years like the challenge desires,  there has to be something extraordinary about it.  The Bullitt Foundation has tackled the Living Building Challenge to make a statement in the architecture world and to create something that the general public can learn from.  Exposed systems encourage people to interactive with them, using the building as a learning tool.  The design has evolved out of lots of research and design iterations over a six month design period.


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Status: School Project
Location: Seattle, WA, US