Katie Harbison

Katie Harbison

New York, NY, US


Alexander McQueen Global Headquarters

The aim of my final year project was to convert Clare County Council into an Alexander McQueen global headquarters that will accommodate 300 people. The building will consist of three unique and exclusive design objectives, including:
• A high end retail unit. This will stock McQueen’s current collections. This unit will be situated on the ground floor of the building. It will comprise of both haute couture and ready to wear garments.
• A permanent museum. The museum will be situated on the first floor and will house McQueen’s previous collections that were designed by McQueen himself.
• A fashion design studio. The studio will be located on the second floor of the building. Here, the designers, led by Sarah Burton will undergo all their work. It will facilitate all the needs of the designers from the initial sketching stage, to the final alterations on the garment.
I designed each floor vastly different as they are each individual and unique uses. I did this with a range of lighting, both natural and artificial, an extensive colour palette and sleek materials. The design of my building will be elegant and give both the consumer and the worker a sense of pride from spending time in the building. Since the exterior of my building is quite modern, I wanted to incorporate such styles and techniques within my design.
My design has been described as distinctive, extreme and dissimilar, and this is exactly what I wanted to achieve since the customer is Alexander McQueen. His designs are so controversial and over the top that I did not want my interior to fade in the background amongst his great work. I wanted my interior to stand out and ultimately be recognised for its uniqueness and individuality, and I hope my final design demonstrates this aim.

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Status: School Project
Location: Dublin, Ireland