Shane Fowler

Shane Fowler

Kansas City, MO, US


nl BARn


intention :: the proposed design is a reflection + re-interpretation of the existing cattle barn in lee’s summit, mo. The solution considers the predetermined ‘spaces’ of the existing structure and re-distributes the masses in a delicate composition, thus providing an elaborate interaction of space between:                     
1 :: the addition’s sectional quality in and of itself
2 :: the critical connection between the new and old

this implementation provoked a series of transitionary spaces (a celebration of path), encouraging an interaction between visitor, site, and structure (man, nature, built). Furthermore, the structure would be exhibited as an exterior element, formally agressive and displaying it’s dynamic attributes to the traffic adjacent to the site.


The aesthetic is light, sculptural and open creating a ‘temporary’ attitude provoking acceptance from tenant + community


program :: ‘black collar’ retail + office space


existing infuences :: profound structure, spatially intriguing, materiality, unintentional filtering of light (deteriation), historically signficant, ruin, sense of community.



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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Lees Summit, MO