Shane Fowler

Shane Fowler

Kansas City, MO, US



from my 'campain' show ::

‘campain’ is a series that contemplates the concept of battle as defined as 'any conflict or battle between two or more subjects'. the work is a conscious effort to dive into the emotional, consequential and contrastive aspects that are reflective of interactions between two entities. we are an adaptive species - undeniably based on survivalism - products of our environments, by-products of our minds and consistently molded by prescribed standards. we live our days by a script that portrays solely to a select audience of our chosen stage. the objective is to disregard such standard societal practice and materialize circumstances that are habitually evaded. the purpose is to re-evaluate standard observation and analytical processes regarding the ‘conveniently avoidable’. the intention is to deliver a product that removes you {the audience} from an understanding of the 'typical routine' and spark curiosities regarding the world outside of our adopted comforts. the hope is to evoke thought - initiated by emotional response followed by internal contemplation, raw instinct and real logic thus providing opportunity for provocative insight regarding life’s most persuasive matters and their entailed ‘battles’.   

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Location: Kansas City, MO, US