Jayshree Shah

Jayshree Shah

Chicago, IL, US


Tianjin Modern City - Zone B on Parcel A - Schematic Design

This mixed-use complex consists of a 300-meter office tower which sits on the corner of a small urban site, with the 190-meter 5-star hotel and luxury apartment building adjacent to an existing retail mall. 

The concept of the exterior wall tied a continuous dense wrapper on the east and west facades of the tower, primarily for shading the office spaces and reducing energy loadings, to the ground by transitioning the wrapper into the roof plane of the below-grade parking garage skylight and then out on site again as a green wall wrapper, visually screening the adjacent retail mall building. 

The vertical curvilinear quality of the east and west facade fins mimicked the form of the building while also providing daylight and sufficient shading.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Tianjin, China