Jayshree Shah

Jayshree Shah

Chicago, IL, US


Qingdao Audit Bureau Concept Design

Qingdao is known as the "Sailing City" of China.  The conceptual form reflects the idea of a fluid sail catching the wind off the waterfront.  The soaring, multi-use office/residential/hotel tower harbors a large central atrium space which brings daylight into the open office trading floors.  The adjacent retail mall visually connects to the tower through a magnificent glass skylight. 

The building itself is design to take advantage of views, daylight, and protects the site from harsh winds off the waterfront with it's aerodynamic form.

The landscape concept merges land with water by transitioning from natural "shore" tones to water features and floating decks surrounding the ballroom and restaurant which project out to views towards the open waters.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Qingdao, China