Meta Wijnen

Meta Wijnen

Delft, NL


Garden design historical building Delft

This design can be found in the garden of a historical building in Delft’s city centre. The client requested for the traditional Dutch garden to be redesigned into something which embodied both the rich tradition of the Dutch canal belt and the client’s modern taste. The client wanted a sleek look, but a garden which is easy to maintain. This design allows for gardening to be done standing up straight.
The choice of modern materials such as cor-ten steel brings a dynamic look to the design. As the seasons chance, the colour of the steel changes and adapts to the climate. The mirrors at the far end of the garden give the illusion of an unending space. The lighting features hidden fixtures mounted behind the mirrors and underneath the plantation.

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Status: Built
Location: Delft, NL
My Role: Interior designer, technical drawer and project manager