Adam Buente

Adam Buente

Muncie, IN, US




reBarn began as a dialogue between the history of its primary material, barn wood and contemporary tools such as CNC technology. This dialogue balances digital and analog processes, natural and man-made materials, and traditional and innovative details. The assembly tectonic was informed by the traditional cross-bracing that occurs behind the skin of a barn. This technique was employed using a locking dovetail system, creating a framework to begin developing the form.


The overall form was developed with special consideration for the site, retaining a relationship between nature and the user. Placed within a man-made levee created by the Army Corp of Engineers, the installation has a directional flow which references the movement of the river. As users adjust into the multiple positions for sitting and reclining they have the opportunity to recognize the small rapids in the White River, the sycamores directly upstream, and the public passing by along the adjacent White River Trail.


reBarn was installed over a seven-day timeframe. We utilized a list of coordinates generated from our digital model, determining the site placement of the structural concrete elements with a traditional two point / arc intersection method. The barn wood and aluminum panels were connected using custom aluminum components cut by A. Zahner Metals.

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Status: Built
Location: Muncie, IN, US