Chong Jeon

Chong Jeon

Brooklyn, NY, US


Rising Form

Project Abstract: Architecture is a building that represents building’s purposes, aesthetical view, and a strong concept. In order to be a building, it must meet basic requirements such as building codes, zoning codes, programs, and so on. That is how to build a building. However, if we want to design an architectural piece, then we need to think about aesthetical views of building both interior and exterior because aesthetical view is one of the most important aspects of architecture. Aesthetical view
of building can be achieved by several ways. One of the most eectiveness ways of achieving aesthetical view is designing the building that is formally interesting. And, if we have a strong concept, it will be easier to design when we do not know what do to or where to go. In this project, I will try to form the building with surrounding of the site. Site is a very important element when we design the building; many architects deal with site’s conditions, but there are not many buildings that correspond to sites in terms of form. Therefore, through this project, I will try to achieve designing the building that
formally related to site. For the guidance of my project, I chose the architect Frank O. Gehry and Zaha Hadid. They are the most well-known architects for formally interesting buildings. Following Gehry’s procedures of making architecture will lead me to design my building, which I consider as architecture. Following is the six steps of making architecture. From Gehry’s designing process, I could develop my own simple six steps for how to make architecture. Researching is the rst step. Site relationship with the building is one of the most important things when designing a building. If a building isn’t harmonized with its neighbor or the site, the building can never be an architectural piece. Urban planning makes sure that any architectural work serves the following purposes: building’s compatibility with its surroundings, regulation of economic functions and social impacts. The second procedure is to sketch the building by both drawings and models while keeping the concept of the building in mind. Then, the third step is to make physical models with dierent materials, such as wood and papers- making a couple of dierent scaled models is recommended. The fourth step is to make a decision on
details such as light system, circulations, windows, materials, and so on. Next step is to digitalize the physical models; it’s not ready to be nalized in computer software yet. If a building does not work, one should go back to the third step and x the model so that it can work in the real life. The last step is to review. By reviewing the whole process, any aws can be xed in order to improve the project. Making architecture should not be hard when there is a guideline. However, even with the guideline that
directs the ways, we always need to be very thoughtful, creative, and responsible with regard to the site and people.

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Status: School Project
Location: Mojave, CA, US